When it’s time to rejuvenate your home’s interior. Applying new paint isn’t enough. Most surfaces will need some preparations such as cracks repairs and sanding in order to obtain a durable and esthetic finish.   


Painting is easy !


But for good results, walls and ceilings surfaces most first be in good condition.

Once this is done we caulk the small gaps between walls and trims if there are any. Then, we remove the electric covers and other accessories. Of course, before it all, we’ll carefully help you move the furniture’s.


We have all the necessary equipment’s to cover your floors and furniture’s. Our drop cloths are cleaned regularly and we never accept to work in dirty homes… 


We aim at excellence, offering professional painting services. Visit our painting portfolio to see the trimming precision we’ve developed. Over the years we gained some knowledge about the different paints and products on the market. It will be with pleasure that we’ll share our ‘know how’ with you. 

Painting         it's our specialty !

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